Colorado hotline expands reporting of suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Child abuse reporting State and local officials encourage Coloradans to report suspected child abuse and neglect. People living anywhere in Colorado can call the state child abuse/neglect hotline: 1-844-CO-4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437), to speak to a representative 24 hours a day, every day. People suspecting abuse of children or at-risk adults living in Boulder County can also call the county’s own hotline: 303-441-1309, also 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Information about Boulder County’s child welfare programs and services: Colorado Department of Human Services information about preventing and reporting child abuse and neglect: With the approaching first anniversary of the launch of a toll-free statewide telephone hotline for reporting child abuse and neglect, child-welfare officials are urging Coloradans to stay vigilant if they’re concerned about a child’s safety and well-being. The Colorado Department of Human Services announced that as of Dec. 20, state and county officials had received nearly 205,000 reports of suspected child abuse or neglect since the hotline went live on Jan. 1 — both through the new state hotline and from people contacting counties’ and the state’s human services offices. “There is a growing understanding in our community that we all play a role in keeping our kids safe,” state Department of Human Services Director Reggie Bicha said in a news release. Bicha said the 1-844-CO-4-KIDS hotline is integral to help Coloradans spot and report signs of child abuse and neglect. “One call can save a child,” he said. Of the total 204,983 calls received by Dec. 20 about possible child abuse or neglect, 26,461 were made on the state hotline, according to Department of Human Services spokesman Lee Rasizer. Of that total, 4,516 came from Boulder County, 706 from Broomfield County and 5,395 from Weld County. Under a system in which calls are evaluated and determinations made about whether further assessments and investigations are merited, and how rapidly those assessments and investigations need to be made, 88,441 of the total calls to the state’s hotline and Colorado counties were accepted for assessment and 32,709 were assessed and investigated, Rasizer said. Accepted for assessment and possible further action, he said, were 1,678 of the original 4,516 reports originally received about possible child abuse or neglect in Boulder County, 183 of the 706 reports received about situations in Broomfield County, and 1,793 of the 5,395 reports about possible abuse or neglect in Weld County. The state child abuse and neglect hotline links callers at all hours to the appropriate official. All calls are confidential and will be routed to the county where a child resides. Boulder County also has its own child abuse hotline, 303-441-1309, said Jim Williams, spokesman for the County Department of Housing and Human Services. But in emergencies, call 911. “The hotline technology allows callers to be connected around the clock with screeners who can discuss their concerns with them,” Williams said.

March 16, 2017 Print This Post Print This Post Ohio CPS Destroys Family of 5 Children – Parents Acquitted of Any Wrong Doing

Kathy B family photo

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Living in a small Ohio town, Chris and Kathy Butner felt their lives were complete. They hadn’t had an easy road, but always tried to do their best for their family of 5 children, from their oldest son having asthma to their 10 year old, who was diagnosed with ADHD and seizures. If that wasn’t difficult enough, their 7 year old daughter had seizures as a baby. In 2007, after various tests, doctors gave her a blood transfusion and inserted a feeding tube. Their youngest daughter had a cyst on her head.

According to the Butners, all of the children were being followed by their doctors. Never did they question the doctors’ recommendations, and they always complied with what was asked, which would explain why the Butners report that they were later cleared of any medical neglect that they were accused of by Child Protection Services (CPS).

Troubled Teenager Enters Counseling, and CPS Enters Their Lives

In 2011 their oldest son had become a teenager. He was having problems with one of his grandparents. He was getting depressed and angry and felt upset due to this broken relationship.

While family disputes often happen, it was clear to Chris and Kathy Butner that their son needed help and they wanted to get him treatment. Once family counseling was started and their son was being treated, they were led to believe that CPS was being contacted in order to find a closer location to their home for counseling. They were driving an hour for the appointments, so they believed them. Because they never had any issues with CPS, they didn’t doubt their judgement.

Social Worker Demands the Children Go to Public School

In March 2012 they were assigned a social worker that would visit the home 1 to 2 times a week. The Butner family listened to their requests. In fact, they went as far as trying to enroll their homeschooled children in public school, because the social worker insisted that they do so, even though the children were happy with their online schooling.

It was a shock to Kathy when her and her oldest son entered the public school to enroll and were told they had been reported, and that it was “too late.” Kathy did not understand this because she had done as she was directed, and took them out of online schooling to start public school. As her oldest son cried and pleaded with the school officials, they were told to leave the school property.

Kathy B happy kids before CPS

CPS Takes Kids, Tells Them They Are Going On Vacation

Bewildered, Kathy went home and phoned their social worker. She never got a call back, so she called again, but nothing. A few short days later, April 4th, 2012, there was a knock at their door. CPS stood at their door with 2 police officers, and they were told their children were being taken away.

Kathy and Chris asked for an explanation, because they had been told repeatedly that everything was fine.  As they said their goodbyes to their children, Kathy heard the CPS workers tell the children they were going on vacation and not to worry.

While shocked this could happen, the Butners started the fight of their life. They tried to get to the bottom of why their children were being taken. They had visitation once a week and often it was an hour.  If they were fortunate, it was a little more, but many times it was less. According to Kathy, they were trying to get a grip on how this could be happening.

“Don’t Ask Questions – Just Comply”

They were often told that, in order to visit with their children, they would need to bring shoes or new clothes and school supplies. They again complied what they were told, because they realized if they didn’t, there would be no visitation.

Their children would try on their new shoes or check out their gifts during those treasured short visits, but it was never long before the tears would start to flow. Kathy remembers her children begging them,

Don’t stop fighting for us!

They gave their children their word, and kept reassuring them that they would be back home.

As weekly visits continued, they were told by the social worker not to ask questions, and that reunification was the goal. If anyone showed any emotion, the visits were cut short and the children were quickly taken out of the visit and told it was time to go back to their foster home. Once again the Butner family thought that if they listened to their social worker and followed their instructions, they would one day be a family again.

Children Told They Are Going to Be Adopted

As their children continued to beg to come home at their weekly visitation meetings, it became clearer to Kathy and Chris that either their children were getting confused, or that Kathy and her husband were being lied to by CPS. The children were telling them that they were being adopted. Confused and thinking “how can this be,” they once again asked their social worker. Again they were reminded not to ask questions.

As the children grew more anxious every visit, so did their parents fear. As the time passed, they continued to fight and tell their children they would not give up.

Kathy B 5 year old

Problems with Foster Care

At the very first visit, the children told them that their foster family had burned their Bibles that they brought from home. Their oldest son was taken off his asthma medication and had allegedly collapsed on the football field, while one of their daughters came to one of their visits with a black eye.  The other children said she was hit with a 2 x 4.

Kathy’s worst fears were coming true. Being a mother of 5, she had never wanted her children to endure what she had gone through at their age. She had been in foster care and was abused and had a hard childhood. She had vowed never to let that happen to her children. Never in her worst nightmare would she think that this could be possible, stating:

“CPS didn’t help then and they are not helping now.”

Her oldest son was not encouraged to continue his counseling and was allegedly told by CPS that it was not needed anymore. Despite this, within days following Chris and Kathy’s final visit with their children on June 27, 2013, they got a call to come to the hospital, where Chris Jr. had been taken after CPS discovered that he was cutting.

The disturbing behavior had never happened while he was in his parents’ care. Kathy reports that the social worker told her that he would probably kill himself before he turned 18. His parents want to know why, when the state was so concerned for him before he was taken from his parents, would the counseling not be continued for his best interest?

Kathy B hugs son goodbye at final visit

Still Asking “Why?”

The Butners state that the court said there were no abuse findings, and no medical neglect. Kathy was originally accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, but she was later cleared of that allegation.

So, what grounds did CPS have to take all 5 children out of their home and never give them back? Chris and Kathy still ask themselves that question daily as they cry for their loss. In fact, the Butners later learned that allegedly the first foster home wanted to adopt their 3 youngest children from the very beginning, a goal which they have accomplished. That leads Kathy and Chris to ask the question that many parents would in their shoes: was it set up?

Even though they lost their rights to their children in June of 2013, they still have not received their court transcripts. They were told by their second social worker if they would turn their rights over to their children, they would get the transcripts. After they refused, they were told that CPS could take them without their signature.  They continued to fight, and as their funds got small, so did the hope in their hearts that their children would ever come home.

Children Adopted, But Parents Will Never Give Up

The 3 youngest were adopted last year by the first foster home, while the older two children went to a few different fosters before being adopted. Chris and Kathy have been told there is nothing that can be done for them now that they have been adopted, and that they should just move on.

They ask, “How? Could you just move on?”

Kathy still hears her oldest son saying, “I thought you made me a promise?” Those words don’t go away for Kathy and her husband. There is no closure for them. Not a day goes by in that home that was once filled with their children’s laughter where the silence continues to take over their minds. Their children have now been led to believe that they have stopped fighting. They want their children to know they have not stopped fighting, and they will not give up.

Kathy B dad with son

Kathy reports that they talked to many lawyers who believe there were no grounds for this to happen. She states that they came to the same conclusion as Kathy and Chris did, that their children were never given a chance to be brought back to their home, especially when they listened to their social workers and followed through on the demands that were asked of them.

Kathy rewinds these horrific events in her mind. She can’t help but to cry when she remembers her children asking, “Why didn’t you want to see us last week?” From the very beginning, she says her children were being told lies by their foster families. They are left wondering how that can be allowed, while they are holding on to memories and their last bit of hope.

Not a birthday goes by where they do not wish they were celebrating the occasion with their children. Holidays with their children are a distant memory as they wonder about their lives now. They know this continues to be the drive that they need to continue to fight and believe that they will see their children again at home where they belong.

How You Can Help

After having no success with a court-appointed lawyer, Chris and Kathy still hope to have a lawyer help them with their case. They hope to be able to get the court transcripts. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. With all this family has endured, they still need answers.

Supporters who would like to help this family believe that justice can be served may encourage the family and follow their story on their new Facebook page, called CPS Bring Our 5 Stolen Butner Children Home.

Kathy B FB page

Child Protective Services in Ohio is administered under the County Department of Job and Family Services. The Tuscarawas County JFS may be contacted at (330) 339-7791, and they may be reached here.

Supporters are asked to call the office of Ohio Governor John Kasich at (614) 466-3555. He may be contacted here.

Representative Al Landis represents Tuscarawas county, and he may be reached at (614) 466-8035 or contacted here.


MAR 15, 2017 — We have submitted a writ of Habeas Corpus on this case for all of the US Constitutional rights of Jeremiah that were violated by the Michigan Courts.

Also included was the Ineffective Assistance of Counsel by his court appointed Attorney for local court hearings, retained trial Attorneys, and his court appointed Appeal Attorney.

Lies and Perjury that was committed by the MDHHS Foster care Worker, and the CPS Investigator.

ARKANSAS from Karen Riley

ATTENTION! Shared from Ashley Brown of “REFORM CPS” She has been contacted by 5 NEWS wanting her to send her information and what proof she can to them. Ashley is asking all of you who are from Arkansas to please do the same. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity as it does not come along very often. We need to show that this is happening to many and not just a few disgruntled parents and grandparents. Get on board those from Arkan

See More

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ARKANSAS from Karen Riley

ATTENTION! Shared from Ashley Brown of “REFORM CPS” She has been contacted by 5 NEWS wanting her to send her information and what proof she can to them. Ashley is asking all of you who are from Arkansas to please do the same. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity as it does not come along very often. We need to show that this is happening to many and not just a few disgruntled parents and grandparents. Get on board those from Arkan

See More

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9th circuit Preslie Hardwick v. Marcia Vreeken

Judges Reject Orange County’s Claim That Social Workers Didn’t Know Lying In Court Was Wrong

By R. Scott Moxley
OC Weekly


Using taxpayer funds, government officials in Orange County have spent the last 16 years arguing the most absurd legal proposition in the entire nation: How could social workers have known it was wrong to lie, falsify records and hide exculpatory evidence in 2000 so that a judge would forcibly take two young daughters from their mother for six-and-a-half years?

From the you-can’t-make-up-this-crap file, county officials are paying Lynberg & Watkins, a private Southern California law firm specializing in defending cops in excessive force lawsuits, untold sums to claim the social workers couldn’t have “clearly” known that dishonesty wasn’t acceptable in court and, as a back up, even if they did know, they should enjoy immunity for their misdeeds because they were government employees.

A panel at the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Orange County’s appeal of federal judge Josephine L. Staton’s refusal last year to grant immunity to the bureaucrats in Preslie Hardwick v. County of Orange, a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in damages. In short, judges Stephen S. Trott, John B. Owens and Michelle T. Friedland were not amused. They affirmed Staton’s decision.

But to grasp the ridiculousness of the government’s stance, read key, Oct. 7, 2016 exchanges between the panel and Pancy Lin, a partner at Lynberg & Watkins.

Trott: How in the world could a person in the shoes of your clients possibly believe that it was appropriate to use perjury and false evidence in order to impair somebody’s liberty interest in the care, custody and control of that person’s children? How could they possibly not be on notice that you can’t do this?

Lin: I understand.

Trott: How could that possibly be?

Lin: I understand the argument that it seems to be common sense in our ethical, moral . . .

Trott: It’s more than common sense. It’s statutes that prohibit perjury and submission of false evidence in court cases.

Lin: State statutes.

Trott: Are you telling me that a person in your client’s shoes couldn’t understand you can’t commit perjury in a court proceeding in order to take somebody’s children away?

Lin: Of course not, your honor.

Trott: Of course not!

Owens: Isn’t the case over then?

Trott: The case is over.

Lin: Thus far we have not been presented with a clearly established right that tells us what our clients did which was remove the children pursuant to a court order . .

Friedland: The issue here is committing perjury in a court to take away somebody’s children and you just said that’s obviously not okay to do.

Lin: According to our moral compass and our ethical guidelines, but we’re here to decide the constitutionality of it and we look to the courts to tell us.

Trott: You mean to tell us due process is consistent with a government official submitting perjured testimony and false evidence? How is that consistent? I mean I hate to get pumped up about this but I’m just staggered by the claim that people in the shoes of your clients wouldn’t be on notice that you can’t use perjury and false evidence to take away somebody’s children. That to me is mind boggling.

Watch the entire exchange with the judges:

Read the full article at OC Weekly.

All to often we here about children who fall through the cracks, how children are abused in the system or die because caseworkers have high caseloads. And in a way I agree the caseloads are a real issue and good caseworkers are getting burned out. But I do not believe highering more workers is the answer. I think the answer lies in looking at the real problem.
The definition of neglect is so vague it can be misinterpreted, distorted and manipulated. And creates many unnecessary child protection cases. These are what the agencies claim as grey areas. About 78% of cps cases are grey area cases. I’d like to give you a few examples of grey area cases.

Gray area cases:

Walking home from the park
Playing in the yard
Inadequate clothes , food and shelter (poverty)
Seeking second medical opinion
Difference in opinion on parenting
Parents smoke marijuana or use it for medical purposes
Misunderstood genetic conditions

Most of these cases have no real evidence of abuse or neglect but rather it’s an issue beyond the child protection workers/agencies comprehension. Of course the agencies CLAIM they don’t remove kids based on these simple allegations alone and it’s true that’s where the exaggeration of the situation comes in. Dishes in the sink become a “filthy home”. They don’t look for answers they look for any problems they can manipulate to look like something bigger.
And that’s where the problem lays. The agency and system is inundated with needless grey area cases so when real abuse cases come to the agencies attention everyone is overburdened with high caseloads and unable to do the job the agency was created for. TO PROTECT ABUSED CHILDREN.
Time and again we see evidence of real abuse ignored and children’s deaths as the result of this irrational and irresponsible priorities of the people running these agencies. That’s why it is so important to have better transparency into the reasons children are being removed. We need to see actual well articulated family assessments and not just vague labels like “neglect”.

Crappy Grey area cases wasting tax payer money.…/11-year-old-boy-played-in-his-yard-cps-t…/

Angelia Borths

by Health Impact News/ Staff

May is National Foster Care Month, and as many of our readers know, foster care is often not in the “best interests” of children. Too often, children are ripped from loving homes over false allegations or absurd reasons and placed in homes with strangers. Health Impact News has reported numerous stories of children who are placed into foster care who never should have been removed from their families. The system they are placed within often fails to protect those children, and instead often causes great harm, as former foster child Angelia Borths explains.

Angelia Borths had her children seized by Child Protective Services and placed into foster care once simply because her 6 year old daughter was “too short.” Though the headline looked like it could have been ripped from a satire or spoof website, it was all too real.

Fortunately, Angelia, or “Mad Angel” as she is known to thousands of her followers online, was able to regain custody of her children after the case with the absurd allegations was dropped.

See her story:

Medical Kidnap? Mother Loses 3 Children Because “Daughter is Too Short”

As reported in that article, Angelia spent part of her own childhood in foster care. She has seen Child Protective Services and foster care from the perspective of a child within the system, as a parent whose children were legally and medically kidnapped, and as a fierce advocate for families who scours the news and researches deeply to find information to help families and expose the many faults in the Child Protective Services system. The foster care system beat her down, but she has been determined not to let it destroy her. Those who know her see a victor with a ready smile and contagious laughter, despite all the hardships she has experienced.

“Mad Angel” has been actively involved in exposing the injustices of the broken system for many years and has been an inspiration and a source of strength for thousands of families who have been involved in fighting for their children. She frequently writes powerful and informative posts on Facebook, and is a founding member of the advocacy group “Mad Angels Army.”

One of the purposes of the group, founded earlier in 2016, is “to gather and create an army of advocates and victims to become ONE, LARGE, LOUD, UNITED, POWERFUL voice that cannot be ignored.”

Mad Angels Army meme

She recently reposted a scathing expose’ on the foster care system that she originally wrote on May 5, 2014, with regards to Foster Care Month. The piece is based on her extensive experience and research, and we are reprinting it with permission in its entirety:

I’m here to correct the misconceptions or false claims from CPS (Child Protective Services).

For years I’ve watched in horror as children and foster children have tried to stand up to their abusers; tried to get anyone, the public, to hear their cries. Sadly I also watched as the abusers described these children’s words as meaningless, attention seekers and trouble makers. And the public believed the word of the abuser over the truth and the reality of the child’s words.

Pedophile, child rapist, child murderers, child abusers, child sex traffickers – there I’ve said the words that make you cringe, that make you want to pull back and hide and pretend it isn’t happening. Those are the words that I’ve shown to be associated with people in authority. Preachers, judges, lawyers, doctors, teachers, foster and adoptive parents and above all CHILD PROTECTION WORKERS.

Sadly those horrific words are ones that children placed in their care can not just pull away from. They can not ask for help, they can not tell the nearest adult. (Who would believe them?)

Amazing, strong willed children have stepped forward begging and pleading for some sort of relief from these agencies and authority figures, but their words are belittled and pushed aside as some authority figure stands in the public eye with all their awards and self proclaimed good deeds to reassure everyone that the child is OK, and things will be done to assure their safety.

False words and empty promises, that’s what you’ve placed all your hope, trust and belief into. When you see on the news Child Protective Services claims to rescue some child from abuse you actually believe this is good news. But if you cared to follow the hell CPS actually puts these children through you wouldn’t be cheering for them like you do.

As 58% of the children are drugged, 9 out of 10 former foster kids talk about extreme abuse while in care. Many of them isolated and not actually given what they need to succeed. They end up homeless within months of aging out.

Angry at the broken promises given to them and undereducated because of the constant moving from care to care, many turn to prostitution or crime.

Statistics have found 68% of prostitutes are former foster kids.

70% of former foster kids make up the prison population.

Oh yeah and those 58% of children drugged in care are now out on the streets as drug addicts.

Foster children are not cared for or protected as Child PROTECTIVE Services promises, (yet they are paid millions to do so). They are actually placed on CPS abuse and neglect registries for future purposes, because like CPS and my therapist told me daily in care “once you’re abused you will abuse.” (Meaning there is no hope for change? Then what’s the point of Child Protective Services intervention?)

We were the abused children CPS promised society they would help, but the only ones they’ve helped is themselves. They pat each other on the back for a job well done. They sob to the public for all their hard work and the horrors they’ve seen. But they haven’t seen anything like what we former and current foster children have seen and suffered.

We are the lower class citizen in the public eye thanks to the way we’ve been treated by the ones meant to protect and help us.

We are what we’ve been taught from CPS…

So former foster children (abused children) have become the homeless, the prisoners, the sex traffic slaves, the prostitutes, the drug addicts and the welfare cases. We have been forced into a perpetual abuse by CPS.

We live most our lives in secret, no one knowing what we’ve been through and then finally to die isolated and lonely because it’s what we’ve been taught to do.

And what’s saddest of all is that not all former foster kids are destined for this fate because the few LUCKY children will continue to fight against all odds or get LUCKY to actually be placed with decent foster parents.

What a sad chance for opportunity when a child’s fate rests solely on LUCK. ~ Mad Angel

To learn more about Mad Angels Army, see What is MadAngelsArmy? The Facebook page is here.

Write Trump and Ivanka for case Reviews and you can Call the WH

There have been several meetings and action on this but now that Trump is official you all need to compose letters/an overview of your case.  Keep it as short and to the point as you can.  If their was unlawful removal, medical kidnap, truancy…whatever the reason and any docs you have proving the corruption.  We have been working on this for 6 months and already almost 800 cases have been submitted and are being reviewed.  I am told that responses were recvd in return and progress is excellent.  Several meetings have taken place and change is coming.  Trump is aware of the corruption in this office and how the Clintons buried the evil overstretch of power in the SS laws which I also have posted on this blog.  Pass the word.  Every and all families affected by kidjacking and their parental rights stomped on need to address their issues with Trump and the people assigned to investigate what has been happening.  You can also attend the March in Washington from May 10-12th
Send your letters and documents to:

President Donald J Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Child Welfare and Foster Care Reform

or his home office:

President Donald J Trump
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Child Welfare and Foster Care Reform

You can also contact Ivanka

The White House switchboard (202-456-1414) is manned by professional White House operators.The public comment line (202-456-1111) is manned by volunteers recruited by the current administration.

Two Lawsuits Filed Against DSS, Director and Workers Too- Lawsuit Going to Federal Court?? –By Robert A. Williams

A lawsuit was filed in Cleveland County Superior Court on May 3, 2010 against the Cleveland County Department of Social Services, the Director of the CCDSS-Karen Ellis, and DSS Caseworkers Tamara Hardin and Dante Murphy.  The Civil Summons was served on DSS, Karen Ellis and Tamara Hardin by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department on May 4, 2010.  Dante Murphy was served by the Sheriff’s Department on May 5, 2010.  The Defendants have 30 days, by law, from the date of service to file their answer to the Civil Summons.  An automatic 30-day extension will be granted if asked for within the original 30 day period.  As of this report, no defendant has provided an answer to the lawsuit or asked for an extension.  Each defendant is sued for an amount in excess of $10,000.01.  However, on June 3, 2010, the lawyers representing DSS’s insurance carriers filed a Notice that they want the case moved to Federal Court.  A second and similar lawsuit has been filed in Raleigh with the North Carolina Industrial Commission against the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Resources. The NCDHHR is responsible for overseeing Cleveland County DSS and making them follow laws and rules, which they didn’t.  Did you read about this in the Star?  You will soon find out why.  Read on all you Citizens who pay the bills in Cleveland County!!

In general, the lawsuit alleges that the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the Cleveland County DSS and the named individuals involved willfully violated the United States Constitution, the North Carolina State Constitution and numerous policies and laws.  The major and most specific event was when the DSS and an un-named police officer arrived at the plaintiff’s residence in the middle of the night, supposedly due to an after-hours anonymous call, and forcibly removed two sleeping children from the residence without any valid paperwork or court order.

On May 27 and again on June 7, 2010, this reporter made a complete review of every page and every line of the lawsuit and all related court files.  From all appearances, these clearly illegal acts of the DSS and others appeared to me to be the same story that I have heard many times:  there is a divorce and custody matter, one party gets an insider lawyer and a phony DSS report is made, the other lawyer sells out and a kangaroo judge makes stupid rulings.  Then, no attorney in Cleveland County will take the case to appeal or to sue the DSS.  In this case, the Judge was Anna F. (Dina) Foster.  DSS lawyer Les Farfour represented the party that DSS took the children to.  Lawyer Becky Brown appeared to sell out her client and when her client complained of obvious illegal acts of DSS and perhaps others, Becky Brown quit the case and no other lawyer in Cleveland County would take the case against DSS.  Only this time, a lawyer from way out of Cleveland County was located who did take the case and filed these two lawsuit.  And, of course, not a peep about this case is heard from the Shelby Star where Skippy Foster, husband of Dina Foster, is in charge.

The DSS has a long and undistinguished reputation for illegal acts.  This reporter has personally witnessed lawyer Les Farfour advising a DSS supervisor and other DSS workers during a Civil case to take the Fifth Amendment regarding on the job criminal activity by DSS when the DSS worker was in Court and under oath.  “Taking the Fifth” in Civil Court is only allowed when the witness (and lawyer Farfour) believes what they did was a criminal act and if they testify they will be subject to criminal prosecution themselves.  When other DSS witnesses were called, lawyer Farfour stated that he would advise them all to take the Fifth because if they saw or knew the illegal act was happening, they would be criminal “accomplices” and would themselves also be subject to criminal prosecution.

But, we all know criminal acts at DSS have never been prosecuted by the Cleveland County District Attorney.  And when this information of criminal activity at DSS was passed along to DSS Board Member and County Commissioner Mary Accor, no action was ever taken.  Mary Accor is presently running for the NC House, District 111, against incumbent Representative Tim Moore.  Attorney Tim Moore is also believed to have personal knowledge of the doings at DSS but has never been in an elected or appointed position with direct over-site of DSS like Mary Accor.

Filing of these lawsuits may be the first step in cleaning house at the DSS, DSS Board and perhaps elsewhere.  The abuse and deaths of children like Travis Gammons, Jodice Peeler and Jeremiah Swofford have pretty much been covered up by DSS, Cleveland County and The Shelby Star.  For instance, how many people know that Fred Gammons, father of Travis Gammons, sued DSS and won?  As I recall $90,000 was paid out to Fred Gammons by DSS and not a peep from anybody.

This time these lawsuits will be covered and reported upon at every turn.  This is all public record and anyone from anywhere can go to the Courthouse and ask to see file number 10-CVS-940, just like I did.  That is probably why the DSS lawyers want the case moved to Federal Court in Asheville-to make it more difficult for average citizens to know what is going on. That is OK.  The CGG knows how to get to the Federal Courthouse in Asheville and to Raleigh.  No DSS secrets will be safe from the eyes of citizens in Cleveland County and elsewhere this time.

DSS, Karen Ellis, Tamara Hardin and Dante Murphy have delayed having to file their response to the lawsuits while the determination is being made whether or not to move the case to Federal Court.  Remember, their responses have been only delayed.  Soon enough they will run out of loopholes and have to face the music for their actions.  Soon the “Answers” to the lawsuit by DSS, Ellis and others will have to be filed.  Those answers will then be reported in detail, along with anything that happens in the meantime–such as responses by the DSS Board, Commissioners and others to the written questions regarding this case that I am about to send them.

The full report of these lawsuits will be a series of reports and articles.  For the convenience of readers, the Citizens For Good Government will modify our website categories to better keep track of this breaking news.  For those that have had bad, unethical or illegal treatment from the DSS and would like to help stop the corruption at DSS, please contact me at or call me at 704-538-8257.  Your information will be made available to the proper people involved in this lawsuit.  Note that I have not printed the name of the victim of the DSS or the names of the children involved in this lawsuit.  But for anybody else to help, they must be willing to give their name and pertinent information.  Such information would be:  your name, DSS caseworker names, names of any lawyers and judge, dates and details.  I will not print this information without your permission, but I will pass it along to the proper people.

STAY TUNED!!!  And remember, you heard it first at the CGG.

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where did our country go?

as time passes and money is needed to the point greed is our foundation to this country.  God has given us life, but man in his corrupt empire has stolen our freedom to plant roots. as each day passes and as many site that post against dcf that has wronged millions every where seem to get no where just more stories to our corrupt nation, this all has me feeling as if my dreams have switched places with my reality . in my dreams i have my grandkids their laughter, cries, hugs, kisses and love.  but in reality a money marking has broke my dream and gone against their reason to exsist in the first place which was to help families stay together, instead they use your children to be funded by our goverment and sell them to strangers. while our children are forced without their voice have been placed to live with strangers to be brainwashed with lies against the grieving family to why they are better to raise them. here is my nightmare: i moved myself and daughter to florida first to lakeland then to saint petersburg . i had married a man who i thought was in love with me, what he loved was my money to set his self up. he turned out to be a sexed craved man who cheated on me. in 2006 he tells me he loves me very very much but a week later i get served with a packet that states im not to have access to where we resided, the next day i find he has moved in his mistress who has slept on the same bed sheets i was just on the night before. everything including my personal things became husband sent me some textes after the hearing stating i lied and won so why didnt i win, and they are building a case against me. i tried bringing that to the attention of the court but they didnt care.  they  told me who ever gets a restraing order first reguardless to the facts will win. the order was stated that i struck my step son in the upper torrso. im sure he had brusies cause he came home from school one day telling me he was in a fight with some boys, i wanted to bring that to the attention to his dad but he was against that due to his dad making fun of him, so i agreed i would keep it between us. that was what my husband used against me, later i asked my step son why he didnt tell the truth he said his dad made him lie that he didnt want to do it. i had that statement in writting but i believe when his dad would show up at my place he had removed it. i save everything and that piece of paper was gone. my daughter who was doing telemarking with a girl she knew asked to get paid the girl paid her but a was with a check off a dead account. here come my sadness i did every thing to try to protect my daughter and as she was cashing her pay check the police arrive throw her in hand cuffs and call me to come get my grandkids that they were taking my daughter to jail over a check scam that has been in effect for quite some time, who was to know people cant be trusted and my daughter has worked to earn that pay. she didnt know that girl she was working with was being dirty. the police have said if they was further along with their investigation they wouldnt have arrested my daughter.well children and families contact me and tell me to file child support with the state  against the parents and to file for custody and if i needed any help at all to contact them. well at first i didnt need any help, then i ran into some wrongful actions with the day care my grandkids were at. one issue was my youngest was sat in a ant pile and had bites every where on his little body, so i take him to the doctors and get cream for the bites take the cream when he was at day care and leave them with instructions. it wasnt a day later i get a call while im at work telling me i need to come get him that he has been bite on the arm by another child. when i arrived he had a full impression of teeth on his fore arm. this time i take him to childrens hospital and he was ammited. while in the hospital he get mersa so every morning before i got to work i was check in on him. which i had to be at work by 8 am. in the mean time threw all of this i get a call from the police saying the want to talk with me that i was reported by my husbands gf i was in violation to the order. she is not on the order she had claimed that i was at their new place and had threaten her with a bat. i had informed them how so when  i was at work and have to check in with security as i enter my work place later i have gotten a written statement stating what time i arrived the time span did not add up to her allegations. so that was dropped. another issues i was dealing with was finding a sitter for my oldest grandson which i had asked my neighbor to fill in till i found another day care. she agreed so that gone on awhile till i found out that she and her grown son adult age has been abusing my oldest while favoring my youngest reason was skin color. my oldest was fathered by a italian mixed with black, my youngest was fathered by a fair skinned dad which was a friend of my daughters and oldest dad which had showed compassion due to my daughter being abused by my oldest grandsons dad.growing actions do have wrong situations

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