change how children and families cause families from suffering

my grandchildren was placed in my care and was told if i needed help to call them. i said ok thanks i was working full time and my neighbor had been watching them for me, cause they were not in school yet but had them signed up my grandson at the age of 4. i found out that the women watching them took liking to my youngest and had been mistreating my oldest, as a loving parent would do is remove them from that situation as i have done i have also moved to a better area with a back yard. i needed to get his new place child proofed safe it being on the second floor and the only time i had was on the weekends so i remembered what children and families have told me so i called them. did not get a response to my needs from them. so my other choice was with the women i allowed to stay with me till she got on her feet to watch them for me, as i was busy taken care to what i needed to do i had asked her where was pj was her reply was i thought he was with you. im freacken at this point and asked her what part of watching them did you not get. im looking everywhere screaming his name up and down the street, then i look across the street to the church that was having some type of activies going on and largo police there so i go across to the church find pj by then im approached by the police is he yours i said yes they said they did not know where he belonged and gave me a talk on safely as if that wasnt already my concern. with pj in my hand kicken and screaming cause he wanted to stay and play was being taken home. i had sat down with him and told him that he has to let someone know what he wants before he just takes off and that mean people out there he could be hurt. then it was time to eat so i made super then we watch a show then bath time and some more tv before bed. before i get to far ahead of my nightmare i had them in the states day care that i had to sue cause my youngest was not watched and was sitting in a ant hole and being bite all over this was one day took him to his doctors to be treated the next day i give the cream to the daycare to apply to the bites, ok next day i get a call from work to come get anthony so i leave work to the day care to find he has been bitten by another child on his arm so i take him to the childrens hospital this time now covered in ant bites and now a full mouth bite they amit him. while in the hospital he gets mersa. so i contact a attorney and they take the case. now back to bedtime the next day pj leaves the house on his own and back to where the church function was wondering around while i was still asleep my bad i should have been awake well children and families come then run their so called invesigation call my daughter and tell her dont tell your mother but we have decided to remove the boys and give u a case plan, well she was already having her issues to why the kids were placed with me. so under alot of anxity my daughter takes a pill for anxity on court day which was the loss of my babies. also during the time anthony being in the hospital my husbands mistress calls and said im harrassing her no time i stopped in the hospital then to work. now with everything else i have to prove she lied. to fill you in my husband used a restraining order to put me out of my home so he could move her in. im told grandparents dont have rights. my daughter dealing with a cold system and her already having issues take advantage of her wouldnt allow her or any family to visit with the boys while in custody of the agency that can kidnap your children for money. so this is the story behind losing my grandbabies. they have been in my care for 2 years. my grandkids were not returned due to the lie to a order my cheating husband used to remove me from my home so he could move his mistress in. also you will find notes to my daughter from the women who adopted the boys. 12250244_1144950015533748_1161018824_o12250247_1144950008867082_423085198_o

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    people say and do against another persons rights that they are who has victory over the one who has been wrongs.


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