we have laws that are suppose to protect us but do they?

The Commercial Lien Process

What is a Commercial Lien?

If someone has ‘wronged’ you, by their actions, you have a remedy, in Law. The Common Law is the Law-of-the-Land, and is the highest man-made Law under which the People of the Nation are bound.

Under the Common Law, everyone is individually responsible for their own actions. The ‘office’ they may hold, the ‘authority’ they may consider they have, and/or the uniform they may wear, does not protect them in any way, shape, form. Simply because they (like everyone else) are responsible for every action they take. This was set into tablets of stone following Word War II, at the Nuremberg Trials. German Officers claimed “I was only obeying orders”, yet they were still found guilty, and hung accordingly. This also forms a part of the Geneva Convention to which most Countries are signatories, especially the United Kingdom. Thus “I was only obeying orders” is not a defence.

The reasoning is simple: BEFORE taking any actions against anyone else, make sure that what you are doing is lawful and moral. If you suspect that the action you have been ordered to take is either unlawful or immoral, then you must refuse to obey. You can report the order, and your reasons for believing it to be unlawful and/or immoral to a higher authority. You can go as high as you like in the chain of authority, pointing out that anyone who conspires to support the unlawful/immoral order are making themselves accomplices, in Law. And that, as a consequence, they (themselves) will be held fully accountable, in Law.

The Process itself

In simple terms you write down The Exact Truth of what occurred, based on your first-hand knowledge, including any necessary supporting documentation. You will be writing under penalty of perjury, so do not lie, or make any Statements you feel you cannot prove. You explain the ‘wrong’, and you claim damages. You claim damages that you feel you deserve.

You write this in the form of a sworn Affidavit, and send it to whoever ‘wronged’ you, giving them 30 days to rebut what you have said. You tell them that you will remove any Statements they can prove to be incorrect, but the result (after all removals) will be Notarised and placed on to the Public Record.

You must take this step. Because it is honourable, and you must remain in honour. You cannot expect a Commercial Lien to work if you cannot prove this step. Thus your Notice should be sent by Recorded Delivery, such that you can prove it was received. If you do not take this step you can expect your collar to be felt at some later date because it is essential, and the essence of the Common Law, that a Party you consider offended you has the chance put their side of the story, and you must not deny them that chance.

It is very important to remember how the Common Law works. This is solely by Verdicts of Juries (upon hearing first-hand knowledge-based evidence) and by unrebutted Statements of Truth (also based solely upon first-hand knowledge).

What remains unrebutted, in substance, creates The Truth, in Law. (This is the only way the Law can work. It relies on people being truthful, with the possibility of perjuring themselves if they lie). Note that ‘in substance’ does not mean ‘simple denial’ as in “No, I didn’t!”. ‘In substance’ means denial with supporting proof. (And remember “I was only obeying orders” is not ‘proof’, nor is it any kind of defence. Neither, by the way, is “I didn’t know” – because ignorance of the Law is no excuse. They should have checked, and discovered whether or not their actions were lawful and/or moral, before doing whatever they did).

Being The Truth, in Law, it immediately becomes The Judgement, in Law.

This is why, as a Witness, you are required to swear to: “Tell The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth”. Simply because all judgements are based on that. (I repeat … it is the only way the Law can work).

Now that you have an Affidavit that remains unrebutted, you can get it notarised by a Notary Public. ‘Notarising’ consists of identifying yourself to the Notary (Passport, Driving Licence, etc), and signing your Affidavit in his or her presence … such that he or she can verify that it was you, yourself, making your signature. The Notary will apply his seal, and will sign accordingly. (Their fees for doing this range from £30 to £50 on average).

All you need to do from this point onward is to ‘place the fact that your Affidavit exists on to the Public Record’. This can be done by talking out a small advertisement in a newspaper. Within the advertisement you can invite Debt Collection Agencies to contact you – in order to actually exercise the Commercial Lien debt.

What can the Lienee do about this?

Judges know that they cannot affect a Commercial Lien because it is based on first-hand knowledge, which they can never have. Only you can have that knowledge. Only you can make the Statements you made. Thus there is nothing for them to ‘judge’, and they know that.

The Lienee, therefore has three options:

1. To pay up the full amount you have demanded

2. To engage a Common Law Court, with a Jury of 12, to have their side of the story considered. In this Court you will also be able to explain your side of the story to the Jury. The Jury has the power to wipe away your Lien (if, for example, they don’t believe what you stated), or to modify the amount you have demanded (if they think it was unreasonable). This is because the whole process derives from the Common Law (Note: Not Statute Law, which is subsidiary to Common Law!)

3. To wait 99 years with the Lien hanging over their head. However, within this period, you can progress your Lien via Debt Collection Agencies and Credit Reference Agencies.

Who can you take out a Lien against?

uk commercial lien

Anyone you feel who has wronged you – or conspired to wrong you. For example, the Directors of a Company who have made demands upon you, without a Contract of Obligation from you. For example, all Debt Collection Agencies who simply write, demanding money, when you have never heard of them before, and know that you have no obligation to ‘do business’ with them. They may write on the basis of a Parking Fine, or whatever. The point is they do this without having first obtained a lawful obligation from you. They may very well claim a Warrant from the Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre, but you never consented to be ‘judged’ at Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre (and were never given any opportunity to put your side of the story). Furthermore the Warrant is not based on the Verdict of a Jury, or sworn Affidavit from first-hand knowledge (computers do not have first-hand knowledge!). So any such Warrant is void in Law. Consequently, if they continually harass you, they are (seriously and criminally!) ‘wronging’ you.

Therefore you go to the Companies House Website, and pay £1 for a Current Appointments Report on the Debt Collection Agency. This will list the names of the Directors. You apply a Lien to each of the Directors, because it it their responsibility to make sure that their Agency acts in honour, and within the Law, not outside of it..

Important Notes

If you read the description above carefully, you will see that – in order to apply a Commercial Lien – you do not need to get a Court’s permission. The Lienee would need to take you to Court (with a Jury of 12) in order to get it removed, or the amount reduced, without making a payment.

Obviously you need to be prepared to remove it yourself, if they do pay up.

A Detailed Example Template:

1. Sample Notice of First And Final Warning

2. Sample Statement of Truth (Affidavit)

3. Sample Public Notice

Notes for the Templates

DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT OF THE AFFIDAVIT/STATEMENT OF TRUTH (Notary Publics love it, and will have an orgasm when they see it).

Simply Embed it by means of “Replace All”, searching for the “” codes given below, and replacing with your specific text

Use “View > Headers and Footers”, on the first page, to change the Given & Family Names in the Footer.

Add any “evidence pages” as extra pages at the end, such as scanned ‘Signed for’ receipts, and scanned samples of letters sent/received, which are referred to in the listed complaints, torts, etc.

The UK Column have agreed to publish Public Notices for free. It would then be possible to send the Subject a copy of the UK Column Edition containing the Public Notice.

Replacements Codes:

= Given Name e.g. Veronica
= Family Name e.g. Chapman
= Affiant’s Legal Fiction Name e.g. MS VERONICA CHAPMAN
= All listed complaints, torts, detail, etc inserted … see specimen, below.
= Subject’s Full Name e.g. MR. ROBERT DOE
= Amount – as numbers, then spelled in words within brackets e.g. £5,000,000 (FIVE MILLION POUNDS STERLING)
= Date when “Notice of First And Final Warning” was ‘Signed for’, as received e.g. 22nd January, 2012 (Note: this is NOT , below)
= Subject’s Name variants e.g. BOB DOE
= Subject’s full Service Address e.g. 1 Any Street, Anytown, Anywhere, AnyPostalCode
= Your Address (in “Notice of First And Final Warning” only)
= Individual(s) Name(s) and Service Address (in “Notice of First And Final Warning” only)
= Date (in “Notice of First And Final Warning” only)

Specimen complaints, detailed torts, etc. – which go in at

(“Word” will automatically number these in, and re-number everything that follows)

1. THAT on the at a place commonly known as “”, “” arrived just after am, and started to ‘fling his weight about’.

2. THAT on that date, and at that time, “” disturbed me, the Peaceful Inhabitant, without LAWFUL authority to do so.

3. THAT on that date, and at that time, “” ejected me, the Peaceful Inhabitant, from that dwelling without any LAWFUL authority so to do.

4. THAT on that date, and at that time, “” attempted to deceive me with a statement “I’m a Bailiff, I can do what I like”.

5. THAT having ejected me, “” made no attempt to discover whether or not I had the means to summon a taxi or some other kind of aid necessary to leave the place.

6. THAT I, : of the family , the Undersigned, herewith and herein demand of “” to furnish answers to the following:

a) Where is the real and true Commercial Paperwork bearing on this instant matter that made me liable to summary ejection from said dwelling?

b) Where are the real, true, proper and lawful assessments bearing on this instant matter that I am said to be liable to summary ejection from said dwelling?

c) Where are the clean hands?

d) Where is the good faith action?

e) Where are the truth, mercy, grace, and all similar just and virtuous qualities and proceedings based on them that are supposed to inhere in the Common Law, and commerce via the Uniform Commercial Code?

7. THAT if “” believes his actions against me carried the force of Law behind them, let him show the Common Law precedent.

8. THAT if “” believes that the Common Law (the Law-of-the-Land) does not exist, has no value, is not supreme in this Land, or that it is inferior to any Administrative Court-produced ‘Warrant’ he may have possessed, then let him show that there is no crime of murder (a Common Law crime), or Misconduct in Public Office (a Common Law misdemeanour), or Contempt of Court (a Common Law misdemeanour).

9. THAT if “” disavows the Common Law, then let him explain whether or not he disavows the crime of murder.

10. THAT if “” disavows the Common Law, but does not disavow the crime of murder, then let him show how this is possible.

11. THAT if “” disavows the Common Law, and also disavows the crime of murder, then this places him an “Outlaw” (i.e. “Wanted – Dead or Alive”), with no protection from the Common Law, and thus fair game for anyone to take his life, not only “without facing any penalty” for so doing, but may possibly even “receive a bounty” for so doing. (Read up on history!)


uk grand jury

Everyone who wants a remedy must go for it (i.e. return of children) to

Court 37

Queens Bench

Royal Courts of Justice

Strand, London WC2A 2LL

with Form N244 and see the judge for injunctions and remedies due to dishonour by public servants employed by bankrupt UK

Send a copy to the local council to put them on Notice of at least 3 days of when you will be going there.  Be prepared to arrest the judge if he commits Treason by denying you your remedy and for leaving your children in the hands of satanic cults running the public services.


UK and all its commonwealth countries bankrupted (statelessness)

Statelessness Treaties at 1930 Geneva Convention of most countries


www.thesheriffsoffice.com/images/files/forms/n244-eng.pdf  Form N244

See bundle attached of my application before Mr Justice Dingemans in which I arrested him for refusing me my remedy of an injunction against the UK corp being run by satanists in daily kidnaps, theft of humans, property, livelihoods, homes, laptops etc against humanity,

in Neelu Berry V United Kingdom Corporation.

I asked the judge for an injunction to stop further kidnappings and theft after 3 kidnaps in 4 weeks, 4th, 24th 30th April 2015, two forced entries at my home, theft of property 5 laptops, 3 cameras, mobile phone and hard drive.  I also asked that all public servants undertake to issue a Notarised Affidavit of Truth of honour if found to be acting with Dishonour or be removed from public office by 4 good men as per common law.  I asked for a jury trial of 2 hours.

The judge refused and advised me to reapply after giving notice to London Borough of Camden to attend.

I feel all public service should be with honour anyway (that is honour of the oath the Queen took under God to serve and protect us and the same oath which her servants took to honour us in the same way) so the refusal by the judge to give an Order which is part of public service to honour God’s children is to support satan, satanists and satanism.

Patrick Cullinane advised me that if I go in every day, I may get a different outcome with a different judge, but its taken me months to get in the frame of mind to do it the once.  It was a brainwave I woke up with Monday morning and I felt it was the most important thing to do on that day, so I did it.

I think we need a strategy so that everyone can make a similar application and file it on different days until we get a result.  If people are on benefits and get fee remission, they can go to the fees office.  I can send an email with the N244 form kit so it can be done quite easily.  We all need to flood court 37 with this Order for Honour in public service.

MY NOTES OF MY APPLICATION before Mr Justice Dingemans 11 May 2015 Ct 37 RCJ 3,50pm to 4.01pm London UK

The attached bundle was before Mr Justice Dingemans in ex-parte emergency application without notice in Neelu Berry V United Kingdom Corporation on 11 May 2015 in Court 37 RCJ Queens Bench.  The 9 page bundle included N244, my private prosecution on www.icj13.webs.com/indictment, 3 bail sheets and a draft Order.

My application was refused on grounds that I did not put the London Borough of Camden on Notice and I was asked to reapply after giving Notice.  The judge refused to adjourn the matter to allow me time to give Notice.    I wish to appeal the decision or reapply.  The remedy I seek is to bring all public service into Honour, which it should be anyway, which would remove satanists from public service overnight.  I informed Mr Justice Dingemans that DJ McPhee told prosecuting London Borough of Camden on 06 April 2015 in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, during my first kidnap hearing “I am not seeing a charge, you better  review whether to proceed”

I submitted orally that I require emergency injunction to stop further kidnaps and kidnap attempts which only serve to pervert the course of justice in the proper Police investigation into the criminal allegations against many public servants including Police, in Hampstead, which have not yet been properly investigated despite being before Judge Pauffley.

When the judge suggested it would be judge Pauffley who would investigate the criminal allegations, I advised that it was not for the family court to do the work of the Police.

I gave details of the attempted kidnaps of Ella Draper & Sabine McNeill and my 3 kidnaps without law, warrant or cause.

The judge refused to grant me my remedy, saying I needed to make a fresh application on notice to the London Borough of Camden.

I requested an adjournment on grounds that the Private prosecution at www.icj13.webs.com/indictment and the Commercial Lien in the sum of £732 billion atwww.icj2.webs.com/lien were already on Notice to the Queen & interested parties (all companies registered under the UK corporation) since August 2013 and 29 May 2014 CAD2327/29/may/2014 respectively.

I witnessed how the judge had dealt with 2 cases, whilst I was waiting in the courtroom, between 3.00pm to 3.50pm involving ex-parte without Notice applications in which he adjourned the matters to allow Notice to be given before issuing world wide freezing orders on Directors living abroad.  I requested he adjourn my matter to enable me to give notice which he refused.  I issued him with a Notice to Cease & Desist and a Notice of Dishonour for refusing me my remedy and I issued a citizens arrest for his Treason.

He abandoned the court.

I have ordered the transcript from Apple Transcription for the 11 minutes I had audience with the judge between 3.50pm and 4.01pm on 11 May 2015

I require Camden Police to be put on Notice and a re-application made asap for the remedies I seek, namely that all public servants act with honour at all times in public service and remedy past dishonour asap under the UCC www.law.cornell.edu/ucc










Useful Websites




Grand Juries are forming in the UK…

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