my checks have my name on it but is manage by fee’s when paying your bills. Bills are never what you were told to be. so every month your on the phone debating your bill

Even your money that comes to you is taken without it being spent by you.  This is true with my water bill and with others bills that want to guess at your usage. Every other month the water dept in Ohio county will make a guess, my actual usage runs 36 and change but when they make their guesses its comes to 50 and change. if you follow your bills you will notice there is no credit back to you. Where does your money go that you did not spend? well its ghost money that will go to a greedy corrupt business that prices something what God has given to all. They are helping themselves to your money over more to what you use that should be the money to pay the workers for making sure we have clean water, and the guess bill should stay in your packets not theirs.


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