congress wants a raise

Our cost of living increase doesn’t come anymore. congress passes laws to rob you but yet they are wanting more of your money in their pockets. The humane race more like we are the rat race with The government being the fattest cheese that controls how humans live.They don’t work for us, we work for them while we pay them by the laws they pass to take our money. They back up companies to allow them to charge us any amount that is different to what was agreed upon before we committed to a year to two years contract. or to the utilities that guess every other month your usage that doesn’t  balance out with credit back to you when they guess a higher usage then your actual usage Everything we need gets raised but what we have to keep up stays the same. between the lines its as if they are lining us up to be slaughtered, the only difference to that is it is overtime we are being killed so they can rob us then to be killed right away,


Foster care in Oregon: The horrors keep on coming


Posted: 03 Dec 2017 08:00 PM PST


The horrors happen everywhere, but they’re more likely in Oregon, a state which, year-after-year, tears apart families at a rate well above the national average.

The state of Oregon has paid $750,000 to three English-speaking foster kids who were placed in the Gresham home of Spanish-speaking foster parents and forced to wear filthy clothes smelling of urine and sleep in a windowless basement.

Two of the three brothers also were sexually abused by another, older male foster child — and they were unable to tell that to their foster parents because their foster parents didn’t speak English, said Portland attorney David Paul, who represented the brothers.

Paul said the brothers’ isolation was made even worse because child-protection workers with the Oregon Department of Human Services failed to regularly check on the boys.

The story is only the latest in a “spate,” as newspapers love to call such things, of high-profile cases involving abuse of children in Oregon foster homes, group homes and institutions.
But perhaps the most interesting, and in some ways, the most tragic, part of this story can be found toward the end:

The biological mother lost custody of her sons under allegations that she failed to protect them against another adult who posed a threat, Paul said.

The Oregon Department of Human Services then proved itself guilty of exactly the same thing.  But there’s more:

When the state finally pulled them from the Gresham foster home, the boys returned to her care and they are now living with her with no oversight from DHS, Paul said.

Which raises an obvious question: Did the children ever really need to be taken in the first place?  If there really was another adult from whom the children needed to be protected, could that other adult have been removed from the home instead of the children?
But they don’t think that way in Oregon, a state where a take-the-child-and-run mentality goes back decades, a state where year after year, children are taken away at a rate well above the national average.
And, again from the story, this is the result:

“They come back a shadow of their former selves,” Paul said.

The story also leaves one key question unanswered. These children spoke only English and were placed in home where the foster parents spoke only Spanish.
My guess is the reverse is more common. How many Spanish-speaking foster children can’t make themselves understood to their foster parents because those foster parents speak only English?  What, if anything, is DHS doing about it?  And who, if anyone, among Oregon journalists, will try to find out?

my checks have my name on it but is manage by fee’s when paying your bills. Bills are never what you were told to be. so every month your on the phone debating your bill

Even your money that comes to you is taken without it being spent by you.  This is true with my water bill and with others bills that want to guess at your usage. Every other month the water dept in Ohio county will make a guess, my actual usage runs 36 and change but when they make their guesses its comes to 50 and change. if you follow your bills you will notice there is no credit back to you. Where does your money go that you did not spend? well its ghost money that will go to a greedy corrupt business that prices something what God has given to all. They are helping themselves to your money over more to what you use that should be the money to pay the workers for making sure we have clean water, and the guess bill should stay in your packets not theirs.

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