The mastermind of a massive kickback scandal that took down former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett faces sentencing in a federal courtroom Friday.

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Pattern of Child Kidnappings by Alabama CPS (DHR) Exposed #SaveBraelonsFamily #ReturnBabyBraelon #Taken #Cash4Kids #MedicalKidnapping #DHRStealsBabies How long will this out-of-control, corrupt organization be allowed to continue their Dereliction of Duty and Mismanagement and Theft of Billion$$$$ of Tax Payer Dollars Annually. Alabama CPS (DHS) has NOT met all of the minimum child welfare standards […]

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There are so many things in this world that are unjust. CPS corruption, the political arena in general, abused children who are, at times, found deceased; these things are things that we simply cannot ignore. These, and many more, are why so many of us fight. We don’t fight because of self glory or gratification; […]

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Insurance Premiums Doubled Overnight, Illegal Fetal Tissue Sold for Research, Viable Fetal Organs: High Price Commodity for Illegal Transplants I don’t believe we have heard any of these issues mentioned by our savvy hopefuls, nor by any of Our Law Makers OK, now you really need to stay with me just 1 more minute. Black […]

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You are correct. Children’s Protective Services is taking children away from their families intentionally. One insider who previously worked for CPS has come forward with his story, and tells the public about his encounters when working for this corrupt system of Child Trafficking. He warns of the dangers of the Education system your children are […]

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By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project New York City, NY — Homeschooling your child in New York City could earn a visit from Child Protective Services for neglect — even if you’ve followed all procedures required by the public school system to withdraw from its programs. Tanya Acevedo, as The Federalist reports, experienced […]

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Source: Daniel Barker January 4, 2017 Last year, California passed a mandatory vaccination bill that removed religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccines, making the state one of the leading proponents of medical tyranny in the U.S. Now, Dr. Richard Pan – the same California senator who sponsored last year’s SB 277 campaign – is […]

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Grieving Grandfather seeks Trump’s ear on Child Abuse ROCHESTER, NY – John Geer is a desperate man. Reeling from grief after his 3-year-old granddaughter Brook Stagles died last month from injuries sustained in a beating that allegedly came at the hands of her father’s girlfriend, Geer has found his mission: raising awareness of child abuse […]

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